Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bridgewater Cares Transit?

The Bridgewater Council on Aging is excited to announce a new grant funded program that will provide free transportation to older adults, people with disabilities, isolated Bridgewater State Univeristy students, and essential workers. The program is in partnership with A&A Metro Transportation and Nesterly, a service that connects older empty nesters with people looking for affordable housing.  

Who is eligible to use the service?

Bridgewater Cares Transit is available only for Bridgewater residents who fall under the following categories: older adult, person with disabilities, isolate Bridgewater State University student, and essential worker. 

Where can I go?

With Bridgewater Cares Transit, you can schedule rides for medical and non-medical needs such as: doctors/dentist, library, food pantry, church, grocery & pharmacy store, support groups, MBTA, hairdresser/barber, senior centers and more. We also provide transportation to Boston. 

When can I ride? 

Rides and deliveries are 24/7, however they must be booked and approved through the Council on Aging during their normal business hours Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm and Friday 9am – 12pm. We encourage riders to book their trips in advance if their transportation need falls on the weekend (e.g. church, shopping, etc.).

How can I schedule a ride? 

Scheduling a ride with Bridgewater Cares Transit is very easy. To schedule a ride, use the online form or contact Bridgewater Council on Aging by calling 508-697-0929 or emailing

Are there any fees involved? 

There are no fees for using our transportation program. Bridgewater Cares Transit is offered through a grant. 

Who can travel with me? 

We encourage riders to bring their partner, spouse, family member, friend, PCA or homecare companion to ride with you, should the need arise. 

What happens after I put in a request? 

After you put in a request for a ride or delivery, you will receive a call from your driver with an estimated time fo pickup or delivery. Requests to Boston must be made 24 hours prior to your appointment.  

How can I help spread the word?

You can help support at risk individuals by sharing information in your community and to your digital network.

  • Post a note of support on NextDoor .
  • Share information about Bridgewater Cares Transit on social media. 
  • Print out our flyer and post in public spaces (apartment complex lobby, grocery store bulletin board, laundromat, etc.) Please note: If posting in a store, receive consent from the property owner first.

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