Request a Good Neighbor

Please complete this form or give us a call and we will find a volunteer to fulfill your delivery or friendly check-in.

How long do deliveries take?

We will try to fulfill deliveries within 1-3 days. We will contact you if we are unable to fulfill your delivery in that time.

Can I receive a delivery from a local food bank/pantry?

Yes, you can request for a volunteer to pickup and deliver goods from a local food bank/pantry. When filling out the request form, please include the name, address, phone number and hours of operation for 2-3 locations near your home. 

For example: 

Highland Community Ministries
Address: 1228 E. Breckinridge, Louisville, KY
Phone number: (502) 451-3626
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 

What happens after I put in a request?

After you put in a request for a delivery or check-in call, Good Neighbors will reach out to our volunteer community. Once we are able to find a compatible volunteer, they will contact you directly via email or phone to facilitate the delivery or friendly check-in.

Have questions?

Email us at
Call us at (877) 958-8785

If you are experiencing symptoms, please do not reimburse your volunteer in cash.

By clicking 'Accept and confirm request' you agree that you accept all risk and responsibility and further hold any associated with Good Neighbors harmless.