Volunteer Agreement

Nesterly Inc. is a social enterprise whose mission is to build intergenerational  connections. The Be Kind RI program was created by Nesterly in partnership with Family Service of Rhode Island, RI Community Food Bank and Age Friendly RI to address the need for contactless deliveries . This Volunteer Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreement  is entered into by and between Nesterly Inc. and (“You”) as of (the “effective date”). By entering into this agreement, you agree that your participation in this volunteer service has certain risks, which you voluntarily assume.

In consideration for your being permitted to participate as a Be Kind RI volunteer, you hereby waive and release Nesterly and its affiliates from any claims or actions arising out of or relating to your volunteer services.

You acknowledge that any services you perform through the Be Kind RI program are as an unpaid volunteer and you will not make any claim for any right or privilege associated with employment by Nesterly. You acknowledge that you are responsible for transportation costs and any other associated costs as a volunteer. You acknowledge that if you drive when delivering that you hold a valid drivers license and car insurance. 

You agree to keep all information regarding the clients who receive the services of Be Kind RI as private and confidential.

You understand that this Volunteer Agreement is a legally enforceable contract,  and that it contains a waiver and release of claims. You represent that you are 18 or older and legally competent to sign this Volunteer Agreement, and that you have read and understand the content of this document, and agree to it knowingly and voluntarily