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Please fill out this form if you would like to volunteer to deliver items or conduct friendly check-ins to those isolated due to Covid-19.

What services can a volunteer help with?

A volunteer can help make deliveries, place check-in calls or send friendly letters to those at risk for Covid-19 and confined to their homes. 

Who is eligible to volunteer?

Anyone is eligible to place check-in calls and send letters through Good Neighbors.  

To volunteer for deliveries, you must feel healthy, display no symptoms of COVID-19, have not traveled out of the country or come in contact with a sick person in the past 14 days. You must also live or have access to greater Boston.

What happens after I sign up? 

Once you sign up, you will start to receive texts asking if you are available to fulfill specific requests. Upon your confirmation, we will share information and instructions for you to directly contact your recipient.

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